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Kaye LTR-25/140
Dry Block Calibrator for Standard Temperature Ranges

LTR-25 140.PNG

Used for applications ranging from -25°C to 140°C such as:

  • Autoclave/ Steam Sterilizers

  • Washer Disinfector

  • Fermenter

  • Steam-in-Place

  • Freezer/ Fridge

  • Cold Rooms

  • Stability Chambers

  • Incubators

  • Warehouse

  • Glove Box/ Incubator

The LTR-25/140 temperature reference dry well is specifically designed to fully automate sensor calibration when used with Kaye validation software and traceable temperature standards.

Kaye dry wells employ unique inserts which minimize cooling of the thermocouple tips due to heat conduction providing an uncertainty of merely 0.1°C. Without proper inserts, transfer uncertainty in excess of 0.5°C can occur with 22 gage, type T thermocouples.

The LTR-25/140 features fast heat up and cool down, a capacity to hold up to 18 thermocouples and requires no messy oils. Calibrating sensors in the environment where they will be used provides the highest degree of accuracy as system temperature coefficient errors are eliminated. The LTR-25/140 is lightweight and rugged so you can calibrate sensors almost anywhere.

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