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Kaye ValProbe Standard Logger

The ValProbe® system's wireless probe design eliminates the need for hard-wired sensors, simplifying access to hostile, remote or hard to reach environments.

The ValProbe system is ideally suited for applications where high measurement accuracy and regulatory compliance are priorities:

- Pharmaceutical Processing

- Medical Device Sterilization

- Food Processing

- Environmental Monitoring 


Built in data processing and reporting capabilities extend the ValProbe systems operating convenience far beyond mere data acquisition. The ValProbe system performs calculations and generates custom user-defined reports for up to 200 sensors at one time. Graph reports can include many sensors and limits for easy review of study data. User calibration and verification is a quick and easy process with the new CTR-40 Temperature Reference.


ValProbe satisfies FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures and records and complies with ISO-17665, EN285 and HTM-2010 for saturated steam sterilization.

For extreme low temperature check out the Kaye ValProbe® Cryo Logger with a Temperature range from -85°C to 140°C


  • Sterilizers

  • Ovens

  • Lyophilizers

  • Stability Chambers

  • Temperature Chambers

  • Fridges, Freezers

  • Warehouses

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