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Varying types specific to your Application

The right sensor which perfectly fits to the application and temperature range is part of your validation system. Kaye offers a brought selection of different sensor types suitable for your application needs.

Kaye is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Ultra-Premium Grade Autobond Thermocouple Wire. The Autobond wire was designed to eliminate leakage of water or steam through standard Teflon thermocouples. The Autobond wire eliminates the outer clear Teflon jacket which is where 90% of moisture creep occurs and also creates a mold on the inner wires which eliminates any inner air pockets for moisture to flow.

Though not as accurate as the Ultra Premium grade, this wire provides adequate performance for many applications at an economical price point. Our ultra premium thermocouple wire is manufactured with the highest purity and uniformity available to the industry Quality control and testing of every wire spool ensures consistent measurement results and each spool is accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance which guarantees that it meets our specifications of accuracy. Insulated Type T wires of 3 or 7-strand constructions are available uncut in spools, or cut to length with Teflon tips.

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